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Nicholas Marroletti

BA '15 - American Political History and Public Policy

Nick chose Gallatin because of its academic flexibility and because he wanted to be able to design his own concentration and not be held back by rigid academic requirements. Since enrolling, the Pennsylvania native has followed a concentration in American Political History and Public Policy, examining contemporary political issues as well as their historical roots. “I’m trying to better understand today’s lasting problems or successes by their historical causes or the way they’ve been shaped by the past,” he says.

He calls Professor Vasuki Nesiah’s course Law and Legal Thought a great introduction to critical legal analysis and describes Professor George Shulman’s course, American Narratives, as the course that has most shaped his understanding of America and its political narrative. A member of the NYU Vocaholics, the University’s a capella group, Nick is also the group’s business manager. "Singing and managing the group has been an education in itself," he says.

“I love the atmosphere at Gallatin,” he adds. “There are some students who are so focused and know exactly what they want to study and have their concentrations down to a T, and there are others who are still working through their interests and enjoying the journey. It's such an interesting, eclectic group of students, and I think that brings out the best in all of us.”