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Alyssa May Gold

BA '12 - Transformation of Perspective

Alyssa, an actress and native New Yorker, brought together history, literature, philosophy, and physics to develop the concentration The Transformation of Perspective. While still an undergraduate, she secured acting roles on Broadway, including starring as Carol in the Broadway production of the Lanford Wilson play Lemon Sky.  "As an actor and writer," she says, "I try to devote my education to learning as much as I can so that I have a large base of knowledge to draw on no matter what story or character I'm approaching. As a voter and taxpayer, I feel just as strongly that I want to be an educated citizen and participate in the government of my country." She calls Gallatin the "perfect combination of rigorous academics and freedom to explore." In the spring of 2014, Alyssa performed in the Off-Broadway production of Middle of the Night at the Clurman Theater on New York City's Theater Row.