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Kate Fritz

BA '10 - Environmental Politics, Political Theory, and China Studies

Kate was a Reynolds Scholar and a Udall Foundation Scholar at Gallatin, where she was also the recipient of the Richard J. Koppenaal Award for Distinguished Interdisciplinary Study. With a concentration was environmental politics, political theory, and China studies, her senior thesis project analyzed the discourse of global environmental problems and incorporated such writers and philosophers as Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Emmanuel Levinas, Judith Butler, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Wendell Berry, Romand Coles, and Jane Bennett. Kate says that Gallatin allowed her “to strike a delicate balance in creating a concentration that was rooted in the liberal arts, but that will serve me very well in the working world.” After traveling in Southeast Asia and China for a year, Kate became an assistant to activist Dr. Patch Adams and the Gesundheit Institute.