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Annie Myers

BA '09 - Agriculture and Regional Food Systems

Annie took a year off between high school and college to work on a farm in Umbria, Italy. After starting at Gallatin, she did an internship with Just Food, an organization dedicated to connecting local farms to New York City residents. She also worked at an urban farm in Red Hook, and then decided to study Agriculture and Regional Food Systems at Gallatin. Annie and fellow Gallatin student Carla Fernandez received a Green Grant from the NYU Sustainability Task Force to start a project called Radishes and Rubbish, which allowed the two undergraduates to give tours of food-production facilities and waste-management plants in the area. At the suggestion of Professor Steven Hutkins, Annie started a blog about the politics of food. An independent class she took on permaculture led her to design a rooftop farm in Brooklyn. Immediately after graduating from Gallatin, Annie landed a plum job as a food forager for the celebrated West Village restaurant The Spotted Pig.