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Olivia Ellis

BA Candidate - Transcribing Culture

Born in France and raised in Massachusetts, Olivia chose Gallatin so she could take courses in film, theatre, and visual arts without being tied to a single program’s curriculum. Her varied interests are supplemented by a love of scholarly pursuits and desire for a well-rounded liberal arts education. Professor Judith Greenberg’s First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar The Self and the Call of the Other and Professor Kathryn Vomero-Santos’s First-Year Writing Seminar Translation: History, Theory and Practice were instrumental in introducing Olivia to academic topics that could be expressed artistically. Professor Ali Mirsepassi’s Sociology of Religion: Islam and the Modern World was an eye-opening experience that brought her to the realization that the academic topics about which she is most passionate also inspire her creativity and artistic process.

Olivia has been active in Gallatin mainstage theater productions and other Gallatin productions since her first year: as a production assistant for Hamlet, assistant stage manager for Little Fish, stage manager for Mickey and the Bear, and stage manager for Julius Caesar. She also works as a production designer and producer on various Tisch intermediate and advanced productions, as well as independent student films. She plans to continue to be active in both Gallatin and Tisch productions, as well as beginning to produce her own work for stage and screen. Olivia is also involved in general student life as an admissions ambassador, Welcome Week captain, and member of the Gallatin Dean’s Team, a select group of students who volunteer for various Gallatin recruitment activities.