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Charles Gelman

Part-time Faculty
(212) 992-9856
19 Univ Pl, Room 339

Office Hours
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B.A. Individualized Study, New York University, 2009
M.Phil. Comparative Literature, New York University, 2014
M.A. Comparative Literature, New York University, 2014

Charles Gelman is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Comparative Literature, New York University, currently completing a dissertation on Charles Baudelaire and Walter Benjamin. He received his BA from Gallatin Study in 2009. His research and teaching interests include historical materialism; psychoanalysis; literary criticism and theory; the intersections of philosophical aesthetics and epistemology from Kant to Benjamin and Adorno; and the cultural, intellectual, and socioeconomic history of modern Europe, with a particular focus on nineteenth-century France.

Teaching and Research Interests

materialist approaches to literary criticism and theory; theory and history of ideology; Marxism and Leninism; psychoanalysis; modern European history

Charles Gelman