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Doris Gonzalez

MA Candidate

Doris moved to New York City from the US-Mexico border where she was born and raised. She graduated summa cum laude with a BA in English and Spanish from Texas A&M International University. As an undergraduate, she wrote a creative writing thesis in both English and Spanish based on her experiences as a Mexican American growing up in both the United States and Mexico. Because of her love for stories and helping others, Doris decided to study human rights and writing at NYU. While at Gallatin, she wants to write about the lived experiences of Mexicans in the United States in order to improve the lives of marginalized communities like her own. In the future, she aspires to teach immigrants how to read and write in English. Currently, Doris is working on a collection of nonfiction works on artists on the border, and on Gallatin’s Literacy Review Editorial Board.