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Stewart Carrier

MA Candidate - Political Ecology of Social Media and Entertainment Industries

Stewart came to Gallatin after graduating with a BA in History from the Honors Program at the University of South Florida. His honors thesis, “Social Media Responses to the Kim Davis Controversy,” won first place in the social science category at USF’s undergraduate research symposium.

His research focus is on political history, counterculture movements, the prevalence film and television plays in shaping political ideology, and the convergence of these them​​es on various social media platforms. Stewart’s research will examine how social media, politics, and the entertainment industry shape modern American ideologies. For his thesis, he is novelizing the rise of a dangerous demagogue to president, drawing inspiration from various debates, films/television, and interactions on social media.

As a member of the Gallatin Graduate Student Organization, Stewart is passionate about coordinating service projects for grad and undergrad students.


Stewart Carrier