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Aaron Gartenberg

BA Candidate - Value and Values: The Intersection of Business and Sociology

At Gallatin, Aaron is studying the sociology of media and business while independently developing a multimedia company which he founded in 2015, Aaron Dean Productions. Two classes taught by Peter Rajsingh, Aaron’s faculty adviser, shaped his outlook on academics and business: “Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship,” a multidisciplinary exploration of the constructive power of creativity and “Finance for Social Theorists,” a study of the global financial crisis. The latter expanded Aaron’s understanding of topics such as risk, value, markets, misjudgment, and irrationality. These classes, like others he’s taken at Gallatin, emphasized critical thinking, relating knowledge across disciplines, and building comprehensive perspectives of how concepts interact and inform understanding.

Aaron has also taken small, focused tutorials in which students work with their adviser to dive deeper into themes. These tutorials and the associated readings and discussions have helped Aaron to reflect on and refine his concentration.