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Adam Bligh-Hasan

BA Candidate – Aesthetics for the Healing of Trauma

Adam moved to New York to attend the only BA program he felt took seriously the power of the arts to affect change in people and societies, the one he found at Gallatin. Born in London and raised by a Jewish mother and a Palestinian father who immigrated to the UK from Israel, Adam has been inspired to address cultural identity conflicts, as well to explore the mental health issues that can arise around queer identity.

At Gallatin, Adam has been able to craft a course of study that combines anthropology, psychology, and aesthetic theory. Gallatin courses that have helped shape his course of study include Marie Cruz Soto’s “Narrating Memory, History and Place;” Ritty Lukose’s “Globalization: Promises and Discontents;” Nancy Agabian’s “Writing Cross-Culturally;” and Christopher Trogan’s first-year research seminar “Aesthetics in Context.”

After Gallatin, Adam plans to pursue graduate study in drama therapy and possibly performance studies. Ultimately, he is interested in teaching and would like to develop a pedagogical methodology for teaching the arts through a psychological and social lens, focusing on trauma as a primary creative motivator.


Adam Bligh-Hasan

"My concentration developed through my interest in aesthetics, but it has evolved as I've developed a better understanding that art matters to me because of its immense sociological and psychological heft."