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Benjamin Weinger

BA Candidate - Social Theory, Political Ecology, and Environmental Studies

Born in Skokie, Illinois and raised in a religious Jewish community, Ben was drawn to Gallatin’s independent and interdisciplinary structure which has allowed him to develop a concentration suited towards his intellectual pursuits, which integrate social theory with the environmental sciences and humanities.

As a first-year student, Ben began with a critical examination of consumption and the capitalist mode of production. Following a semester abroad in London, he began to incorporate theories of colonialism and decolonization into his studies on material culture. In his third year, Ben joined the Gallatin/Environmental Studies Partnership and declared a minor with the Department, taking courses including environmental systems science and ethics and the environment. His research interests explore the reproduction of everyday life during ecological perturbations and climate change, specifically anthropogenic impacts of material culture on the environment. He is about to begin an independent study with Professor Karen Holmberg which will explore social theory, social practice, and the environment.

Ben is currently interning at the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF, where he is examining the global impacts of climate change on children. He will be travelling to New Zealand in 2019 with the Gallatin Dean’s Honor Society examining consumption in comparative perspective and indigenous relations with the environment, land, and food. His twin brother, Joseph, is also a student at Gallatin. After NYU, Ben plans to pursue a doctoral program in geography.

Benjamin Weinger