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Daryl Ocampo

BA Candidate – Child and Adolescent Cognitive Development

Born and raised in the Philippines, Daryl and his family migrated to California when his mother was granted American citizenship. At Gallatin, Daryl is focusing on adolescent cognitive development, with the aim of pursuing a graduate degree in Developmental or Cognitive Psychology after graduation.

Professor Stephen Duncombe’s first-year interdisciplinary seminar “Social Constructions of Reality” allowed him to develop an approach to understanding the human condition. Daryl also credits former Gallatin faculty member Chinnie Ding and the first-year writing seminar “Working” with connecting him more closely to Gallatin’s Writing Program and the Great World Texts Program.

Through Great World Texts, Daryl worked with teens from Marta Valle High School, located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, as a mentor for their English class. In this role, he guided students in their analysis of the work of Egyptian author Naguib Mafouz, The Thief and the Dogs. In 2016-2017, Daryl will intern as an after-school writing mentor at the same school.

Daryl Ocampo

I entered NYU with the ambiguous idea of studying the mind and what makes us human. Gallatin gave me the opportunity to pave my own path to finding my own answers.