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Joey Charbonneau

BA Candidate - Brain Science: Mind, Music, and History

Born and raised in Brewster, New York, just sixty miles north of New York City, Joey had a long list of interests going into college—all of which made Gallatin a perfect fit. His concentration draws primarily on the fields of neuroscience, history/philosophy of science and medicine, and music, to look closely at how the brain functions and how generations of scientists before him have contributed to research and thought on the brain. In order to develop his concentration, he has also explored other fields, such as psychiatry, ethics, and psychology.

The foundations of the historical element of his concentration emerged from his First Year Interdisciplinary Seminar “Predicting the Future” with Matt Stanley and Myles Jackson’s course “Intro to Science and Society.” Amanda Petrusich’s courses “Musical Subcultures” and “Writing About Popular Music” have given him a chance to explore music in Gallatin, and courses like “Emotional Brain” with Joseph LeDoux at the NYU Center for Neural Science and “The Western History of Madness from the Bible to DSM-V,” with Orna Ophir, have helped him tie these different elements together.

Outside of class, Joey is in his second year of membership in Gallatin’s Americas Scholars, and he is conducting neuroscience research in the Sanes Laboratory at NYU CNS. Joey aims to obtain a PhD in neuroscience—an inherently interdisciplinary field—after graduating from Gallatin in May 2019.

Joey Charbonneau