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Kiara Soobrayan

BA Candidate - Mathematics and Economics for International Development

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Currently an Americas Scholar and an NYU Presidential Intern, Kiara believes in the power of education to fundamentally change a person’s life. She chose Gallatin because it was the best place for her to combine her love of mathematics with her desire to better the world and spark social change. The courses that have most influenced her include Vasuki Nesiah’s First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar “Human Rights, Human Wrongs,” Marie Cruz Soto and Paula Chakravartty’s “The US Empire and the Global South: The Long 20th Century,” and Sara Murphy’s “Charles Dickens’s Victorian London: Fictions of Urbanization.”   

Born and raised in South Africa, Kiara is developing a concentration, International Development and Social Change, which is tied to her home country’s history. Her work and studies in Africa-centric development have taken her to different parts of the world, including the Republic of Mauritius in East Africa, where she assisted with monitoring sea life and coral reefs. She has also worked with the non-profit organization Ideation Worldwide to promote development in the North Africa.

Kiara Soobrayan