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Ximena Prieto

BA Candidate - Politics of Displacement, Exile, and Historical Memory

Ximena’s concentration is centered on the concept of cultural and political displacement, with a focus on identity and exile, through the lens of film, theology, literature, and decolonization studies. Through these studies, she considers how historical and geographic inheritance, religion, race, and gender influence narratives that are formed--and how these are often validated by the creation of the unknowable Other.

Ximena was born in Mexico City and her family settled in Los Angeles during her teenage years. Moving around made her want to study the concept of home, as well as the authorities and institutions that most influence and control the formation of community.

Gallatin has provided her with the opportunity to working on the Literacy Review as an editor and she has had the opportunity to read her own writing at NYU’s Lillian Vernon Creative Writing House. Rosanne Kennedy’s “Democracy and Difference,” Nina Hein’s “Re-orienting the Western Visual Cult,” and George Shulman’s “Political Theology” have been essential to the development of her concentration.

Ximena Prieto