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Gwen Hornig

BA Candidate - Theatre and Empathy

An Oakland, California native, Gwen came to Gallatin because it afforded her the opportunity to explore her interest in the social importance and healing capacities of theater. Inspired by the cathartic theatre of the Ancient Greeks, the evolution of theatre as integrative mind/body art, and subversive artists of the 20th century who have explored theatre’s capacity for reason and intellectual engagement, Gwen is developing the concentration Theatre and Empathy.

The trajectory of her course of study was informed by her first year research seminar, Professor Eugene Vydrin's Making Strange, Professor Kristin Horton’s Advanced Shakespeare Scene Study: The Roman Tragedies, an independent study that centered on Bertolt Brecht’s Epic Theatre, Professor Ben Steinfeld’s course, Rehearsing the Play. Most recently, Gwen embarked on a new independent study that focused specifically on adolescent development, trauma, and the arts.  

Gwen is an executive board member of the student-run theater club Gallatin Theatre Troupe (GTT) as a producer. She has also participated in the Gallatin Arts Festival as an artist with a collaborative piece, Theatre of War Series, and appeared in several Theater at Gallatin productions including Diamond Alice (Victoria Brittenham), Amphitryon (Amphitryon), The Rape of Lucrece (Lucrece), and Hamlet (Ensemble). Gwen plans to continue her theater-making endeavors, explore her own artistic agency, investigate the roots of modern theatrical mechanisms, and educate the theater-makers of the future

Gwen Hornig