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Susan Rattigan

BA Candidate - Biology and Anthropology

After graduating from high school in West Hartford, Connecticut, Susan chose to come to Gallatin because the School allows students to discover multiple topics in conjunction with one another. She is currently focusing on two main fields of interest, biology and anthropology, while also pursing classes in history and chemistry. She hopes to develop a concentration that provides a cohesive study of humans from a biological perspective. By examining topics such as anthropology and history through a biological lens, she seeks to gain new insights into the modern day issues of what it means to be human.

As an Albert Gallatin Scholar, Susan traveled to China in January 2015 to explore the theme “Cultural Revolutions.” The journey provided her with a glance into another culture and sparked an interest in travel and the study of how cultures interact as a whole. At Gallatin, she has also found an outlet for her passion for dramatic arts, having taken classes in vocal training and participated in Gallatin Theatre Troupe's annual Brandspankin’ Festival as an actor.

Her first year at Gallatin provided a series of intellectual challenges and experiences that have allowed her to explore areas of interest she never considered. She interned in the summer of 2015 at the University of Connecticut Health Center under the mentorship of Professor William Mohler in the Genetics and Genomics and Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling departments. She now hopes to explore the fields of medicine and public health as applied to both the global community and the individual. She believes the beauty of Gallatin and its program lies in its flexibility. As students' interests change and evolve, so do their concentrations.

Susan Rattigan