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Ordering Final Transcripts

A transcript of your academic work is the most acceptable way to present your academic credentials. The University Registrar will issue official transcripts for all work completed at New York University directly to schools, employers and scholarship organizations at your request. Be sure to request transcripts well in advance of application deadlines. It is advisable to request copies of your final transcript for yourself before you leave our campus.

You may fill out a Transcript Request form at the Office of the Registrar at 25 West 4th Street or fax a signed letter to (212) 995-4154. You may send a signed letter to NYU Office of the Registrar, PO Box 910, New York, NY 10276-0910. Include in your letter: student ID number, name used at NYU, current address, date of birth, NYU school attended, dates of attendance, date of graduation and full name and address of the person or institution to which the transcript is to be sent.