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Student Affairs: Health and Wellness

Student Affairs

Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs provides a wide range of support and assistance to Gallatin undergraduate and graduate students.

These include:

Wellness Counseling


The Office of Student Affairs assists students with a broad spectrum of wellness issues. Professional staff members are available to listen and to provide limited counseling to help students define what may be troubling them and to develop strategies to cope. Student Affairs also connects students with NYU’s Counseling and Wellness Services for more extensive individual counseling, and to provide information on low-cost referrals. Additionally, the Office of Student Affairs maintains an on-site counselor.

If you have a wellness concern and would like to consult with a Student Affairs representative, please contact studentaffairs.gallatin@nyu.edu.

NYU's Wellness Exchange

The Wellness Exchange is NYU's extensive network of health and mental health resources.
If a student is in distress and needs immediate assistance, he or she should contact the Wellness Exchange Hotline: (212) 443-9999, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additionally, students can email the Wellness Exchange— wellness.exchange@nyu.edu — or visit a counnselor during walk-in hours (no appointment necessary) at 726 Broadway, 4th floor.


Maintaining Academic Good Standing


Although most academic counseling is facilitated by Gallatin’s faculty and advisers, the Office of Student Affairs assist students when grade point averages fall below school standards for maintaining academic good standing, when referred to by faculty, or at the request of the student.

Leaves of Absence


The Office of Student Affairs assists students with taking a Leave of Absence or withdrawing from school for a specified time frame. A Leave of Absence interrupts a student’s progress toward a degree, therefore, it is only granted for a good cause. Leaves of Absence maintain a student’s status with the University as accepted and matriculated toward a degree. When a student is absent from school without obtaining approval for a Leave of Absence, they jeopardize their progress toward their academic degree and they invalidate their acceptance, which may require them to apply for readmission. Students need to be aware that the Leave of Absence may affect their University housing, financial aid package and Student Health Insurance Plan. Therefore, students should contact each office independently to discuss the consequences of the leave before actually applying.

A Leave of Absence from New York University precludes a student from taking courses at another academic institution. It is the student’s responsibility to be informed of the registration period for the semester he/she plans to return, and to obtain the class schedules online when they are available. It is also the student’s responsibility to meet with a class adviser well in advance of the date on which he/she intends to register for classes.

International students who require a Leave of Absence should contact the Office of Global Services at 212-998-4720 and review the requirements pertaining to their visa status while on leave from New York University.

International students whose home countries require that they participate in two years of military service, will not be required to apply for readmission after they return from their Leave of Absence for military service, provided that they meet the following conditions: (1) they are on leave for just four regular semesters (Fall and Spring); (2) they provide written proof of their military service during the leave time period; and (3) they provide proof of an honorable discharge. Any English translations of necessary documentation must be provided by accredited third-party translators. Students on a military Leave of Absence who fail to meet the conditions must apply for readmission with no guarantee of acceptance.

A student contemplating a Leave of Absence must contact the Office of Student Affairs to discuss the matter. Students must request a Leave of Absence in-person, by e-mail or by signed letter. Parents, guardians and school officials cannot request a leave for a student. Students can obtain an application for a Leave of Absence directly from Student Affairs or they may download it from the Quick Links section of the Student Affairs webpage. Students should read the application carefully, paying particular attention to the second page, which lists the terms of a Leave of Absence. Please note that submitting an application for a Leave of Absence does not guarantee approval.  

Usually, Leaves of Absence are requested prior to the first day of classes of the semester. Requests for leaves after the first day will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Student Affairs.

A Leave of Absence is approved for one semester or for two consecutive semesters. If a student is not able to return after two consecutive semesters on leave, he or she will be required to apply for readmission. However, in the event of an extended medical leave, readmission is not necessary.

To request an extension to a Leave of Absence, a student must contact the Office of Student Affairs. An extension may be granted when there is good cause.

Generally, there are two types of leaves:

A student may request a personal Leave of Absence for varied reasons, such as financial difficulties, taking care of a sick parent/guardian, or a unique work opportunity. Once the student has discussed the matter with the Office of Student Affairs and the Leave of Absence application has been completed, the application is processed and if deemed appropriate, the Associate Dean of Students approves the leave. A personal Leave of Absence is accepted for a maximum of two consecutive semesters.

Students returning from a personal leave must complete a Return from Leave of Absence application and submit it to the Office of Student Affairs. Applications may be downloaded from the Quick Links section of Student Affairs webpage.

A student may request a medical Leave of Absence for either a physical condition or for counseling reasons. In the case of a physical condition, the student must provide documentation from a physician verifying the need to leave school. In the case of counseling reasons, the student must receive verficiation from a counselor at NYU’s Counseling and Wellness Services. If the student is already seeing a counselor external to NYU, they must still consult with Counseling and Wellness Services and provide them with a recommendation from the external counselor.

Once the student has discussed the leave request with the Office of Student Affairs, completed the Leave of Absence application, and provided the physician/counselor verification, then their request is processed and, if deemed appropriate, approved by the Associate Dean of Students.

Please note that students on a medical Leave of Absence due to counseling reasons must receive counseling or comparable treatment throughout the duration of the leave period.

Students returning from a medical leave must complete a Return from Leave of Absence application and submit it to the Office of Student Affairs. Applications may be downloaded from the Quick Links section of Student Affairs webpage. Additionally, students on a medical leave due to a physical condition must have a physician write a letter stating that they are ready to resume coursework. The letter must be sent directly to the Office of Student Affairs. Students on a medical leave due to counseling reasons must have their clinician complete a Certification of Readiness to Return form. Students must also schedule an appointment with a counselor at NYU’s Counseling and Wellness Services. Both actions must be done one month before the beginning of the semester of intended return (August for the Fall semester, December for the Spring semester).



Rahul Humid, MA

Director of Student Affairs & Associate Faculty
1 Wash Pl, Room 528
(212) 992-7750

Rahul has been at Gallatin since 2009. He has acted as an adviser, professor and administrator, working with many students on a wide variety of personal and academic issues. As Director of Student Affairs he oversees Student Life and Student Affairs, addressing concerns that students face both within and outside of the classroom.

Nicholas Lanzieri, PhD

Assistant Director of Student Affairs
1 Wash Pl, Room 525
(212) 998-7375

Nick comes to Gallatin with extensive clinical experience having worked as a therapist and researcher in several public and private hospitals and clinics. As Assistant Director of Student Affairs, he primarily works with students who are experiencing personal and wellness related issues.

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