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Gallatin Americas Scholars

Americas Scholars in El Yunque

Gallatin Americas Scholars in El Yunque Rainforest

The Americas Scholars brings together high achieving students at Gallatin who are interested in matters related to the Americas—understood  quite broadly to include the U.S., other parts of North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.  Americas Scholars members partipicate in academic seminars and cultural activities with Gallatin faculty members.

Group Meetings and Activities

Throughout the academic year, Americas Scholars explore a particular theme through bi-weekly evening meetings.  The majority of Americas Scholars activities will take place during this time, although some activities such as dinners and performances may occur at other times.  

Examples of Americas Scholars activities:

  • Attending lectures and readings on topics related to the Americas
  • Visits to museums, dance performances, musical performances, and other cultural events
  • Independent research and collaborative group projects

International and Domestic Travel

The Americas Scholars investigate their yearly theme by traveling as a group during January to an international or domestic location. Group members prepare a project based on their explorations and share it with the Gallatin community.

Examples of past travel locations and themes:

  • Cuba: "The Effects of Economic Embargo"
  • Hawaii: "Colonialism and Indigeneity"
  • New Orleans: "The Social Production of Natural Disaster"
  • Brazil: "Consumerism"

Americas Scholars 2013-14
"Puerto Rico and New York: Culture and Community"

This year the Americas Scholars will investigate the relationship between Puerto Rico and New York by considering various connections between Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican community in New York City. What roles do literature, art, and music play in defining and sustaining a sense of community in both places? How is Puerto Rican culture defined and mobilized in New York and in Puerto Rico? To what extent are cultural connections maintained between New York City and Puerto Rico? Does cultural exchange happen in both directions? How do activism and politics connect and/or divide Puerto Ricans in New York and Puerto Ricans on the island? The group traveled to Puerto Rico in January 2014 and spent time in San Juan, Ponce, and Vieques.

Americas Scholars Puerto Rico Trip January 2014

Americas Scholars Tour of East Harlem Fall 2013

Selection Process and Requirements

Selection for the Americas Scholars is based on the student's academic record at Gallatin, demonstrated commitment to civic engagement, and interest in the Americas (demonstrated through academic and extra-curricular pursuits). Suitable candidates are invited to apply during the end of the spring semester 

Requirements for the Americas Scholars:

  • Scholars must participate actively in their group’s bi-weekly seminar which is 0 credits and graded Pass-Fail. Students will be registered for the Americas Scholars seminar.The majority of group activities will take place during these meeting times, although some activities such as dinners and performances may occur at other times.
  • Scholars must earn a minimum semester GPA of 3.5 during each term of membership.
  • Scholars are expected to contribute a small co-pay toward the cost of travel. Special provisions such as payment plans are available if financial circumstances warrant.

Questions about the Americas Scholars?  Please contact Gallatin Global Programs.

Scholars in El Yunque

Scholars in El Yunque

Audio Player

Scholars on Radio Vieques

During the January 2014 trip to Puerto Rico, several scholars participated in a radio program hosted by Robert Rabin on Radio Vieques.

Americas Scholars 2013-14 Blog

The Narrating the Puerto Rican Diaspora blog was created by Noella Richman and Megan Malloy, 2013-14 Americas Scholars.  The blog features contributions by Noella and Megan as well as guest blog posts from other scholars.

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