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Gallatin Student Council


The Gallatin Student Council (GSC) exists to represent and support the interests and concerns of all graduate and undergraduate Gallatin students within the Gallatin School and the University at large. GSC elects its officers on a yearly basis and, in addition to overseeing all Gallatin clubs, hosts a variety of community-building activities and advocacy events for Gallatin students such as Town Halls, Coffree (an open meeting and discussion time with free coffee), the first annual Gallatin Music Festival, and more. Open meetings are held twice a month and all students are welcome to attend and to learn about upcoming student-organized events and projects. If you have any questions or ideas to share with us, or if you would like to learn how to become involved in Gallatin Student Affairs, please contact us at gallatinsc@nyu.edu! Also stay up-to-date on all things Gallatin on the social media platforms we manage: Facebook (facebook.com/gallatinsc), Instagram (@gallatinsc), and Twitter (@gallatinsc).

GSC Leadership Team 2014/2015

Sam Hong, President

Hey Gallatin! My name is Sam and I am this year’s Gallatin Student Council President. I am a current fourth-year student concentrating in intellectual property. I am passionate about myriad topics ranging from Mariah Carey to human rights to Pokemon. As your President, I have made it my goal this year to advocate for all Gallatin students–both graduate and undergraduate–while providing more opportunities to enrich our student community here at Gallatin. If you ever have any questions or ideas that you’d like to share with me, please don’t hesitate to do so! I hold office hours in the Gallatin Student Council Office (located off the fifth floor lounge) and can be reached anytime at hong.sam@nyu.edu.

Yao Fu, Vice President

Greetings Gallatin! My name is Yao and I am your Student Council Vice President. I am a sophomore currently studying pre-med and computer science and have no idea what my actual concentration will be. I am very enthused to be a part of your Gallatin experience this year. As Vice President, my job is to help you actualize changes from the people and for the people. If you ever have any questions or ideas that you’d like to share with the Student Council; shoot me an email or stop me in the hallway! My email is yf658@nyu.edu; or if we chance upon each other in the lounge, ’all the better. Cheers.

Tyler Benjamin, Treasurer

Hello Gallatin: my name is Tyler and I am your 2014–2015 Student Council Treasurer. I am sophomore concentrating in financial economics with a minor in computer science. As Treasurer of Gallatin Student Council, my job is to manage the budget and reimbursement of all the clubs and class councils. My goal this year is to advocate for more funding for student activities and career programming. If you have any questions or need advice regarding clubs or class council, feel free to email me at tb1395@nyu.edu.

John Belknap, Senator

Greetings Gallatin: I’m John Belknap and I serve as the Gallatin Senator. I’m a junior concentrating in identity politics, graphic design, and gender and sexuality studies. As your Senator, I’m the voice of the student body of Gallatin to the Student Senators Council, University Committee on Student Life (along with the GSC President), and to the University-wide Senate Meetings held by NYU President John Sexton. My goal is to create community within Gallatin and within NYU, while still expressing Gallatin’’s unique and diverse student body. If you ever have any questions or ideas that you’d like to share with me, please don’t hesitate to do so! I have office hours in the Gallatin Student Council Office (located off the fifth floor lounge) and can be reached anytime at wjb269@nyu.edu

Vince Vance, Programming Director

Sup Homies! I’m Vince and I am this year’s Student Council Programming Director. I am a junior concentrating in international affairs, social justice and identity through the lens of music, and ’there are so many things we can talk about! I oversee the class councils and help facilitate events that bring together Gallatin as a family. Too often are our students separated from each other, so my and goal is to make Gallatin welcoming and more like home. Email me at vcv210@nyu.edu!

Dakota D’Agostini, Communications Director

Hey, hey Gallatin family! My name is Dakota and I’m this year’s Student Council Communications Director. I’m a sophomore studying the ideas of awareness and social change through new artistic platforms. My main goal this year is to find new ways to reach the Gallatin community and get all your feedback on various activities so as to better fit them to your interests. I want to foster and take advantage of the diversity of Gallatin students and find creative ways to connect us across various mediums. I also run the Gallatin Marketing Committee which works to promote Gallatin related activities across campus. Stop by my office hours in the GSC office on Tuesdays from 3–4 pm to chat or email me at scd315@nyu.edu!

Jennifer Deutscher, Director of Student Affairs

My name is Jenn and I’m this year’s Director of Student Affairs. I am a senior studying biological sciences and scientific illustration with a minor in Spanish. My GSC activities include running Coffree and Open Meetings, but more generally I oversee clubs and try to provide whatever help they need to keep supporting the Gallatin community. If you have any questions about clubs or how to get involved here at Gallatin, feel free to reach out to me at jmd662@nyu.edu!

Dan Summe, Chief of Staff/Alternative Senator

Hey Gallatinos/as! My name is Dan and my role in Student Council this year is to perform the clerical work for our Executive Board meetings as well as coordinate with all members of the EBoard to make sure they’re completing their assigned tasks’. I also act as Senator in the case of John Belknap’s absence. We have a really great staff this year and I’m glad I get to contribute to making student life at Gallatin more enjoyable!

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