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About TEDx

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.

TEDxGallatin maintains the spirit of TED itself: multidisciplinary, focused on the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. For more information head to www.ted.com


This year's TEDxGallatin will be held on APRIL 17, 2014!

In the TEDx tradition, Gallatin seniors share inspiring stories that developed from their academic concentrations and colloquium topics. Inspired by the annual TED Talks, TEDxGallatin showcases a select group of seniors whose talks span a range of genres and highlight the diversity of Gallatin’s undergraduate scholars.

2014 TEDx talks will be given by Mali Bowers, Rachel Brazie, Anthony Giambra, Nicole Johnson, Natalie Nazarian, Daniel Seara, and Kerrin Smith!


TEDxGallatin 2013

Pattern Recognition, Jane Adams
Concentration: Emergence

The Theory of Emergence attempts to explain how, from the simplicity of particles and voids, emerges the complexity of the world around us. Emergence is the phenomenon by which simple systems governed by simple rules give rise to complex phenomena on a larger scale. Simple systems are able to self-organize into large-scale collective behavior.

In her senior project, What Pattern Recognition Systems Teach Us About Patterns, Adams built a Deep Belief Network (DBN), which is an artificial neural network used in machine learning that mimics the parallel processing of the brain, in order to better understand what is being recognized in pattern recognition.

In preparation for PhD studies in Complexity Theory, Adams will independently commence study of the similarities between efficient designs in natural and artificial systems namely the similarities between leaf vein patterns and housing patterns.

While at NYU, Jane was on the editorial board of the Gallatin Research Journal, and studied Culture, Development, and Globalization in India. Jane earned the Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors. Adams’ adviser is Jose Perillan, PhD.

Brazil, Coastal Erosion, Sustainable Development, Jennie Bernstein
Concentration: Sustainable Urban Development

Jennie Bernstein’s concentration combines an understanding of economic development with an appreciation for the social and environmental systems at work on our planet.

By seeking to comprehend the social, political, and economic infrastructures at work specifically in cities (particularly in the megacities of the global south), Bernstein hopes to to acquire an insight into how such systems might be adapted to achieve both local and global sustainability with respect to the environment and the economy. Jennie pays particular attention to a classical capitalist conception, where growth in the Gross Domestic Product acts as the principal metric for measuring economic growth/development.

While at NYU Jennie went abroad to Fortaleza, Brazil, to study Social Justice and Sustainable Development. She hopes to work as an environmental educator in Aspen, Colorado for a year prior to persuing in a Masters program in Urban Ecology. She earned the Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors. Bernstein’s Adviser is Gene Cittadino, PhD.

Islamaphobia, Melissa Boigon
Concentration: Islamophobia: Politics of Representation

Melissa Boignon’s studies attempt to understand the relationship between international political dynamics and prejudices against Muslims in the United States.

Boignon is managing marketing and PR for a new low-cost yoga and movement studio called "U Studios".

While at NYU, Boignon was president of Nadi, the Gallatin Middle Eastern Studies Club, and was a Gallatin Peer Mentor. She has performed in the NYU Women's Choir, NYU Jazz Choir and is a member of DHS.

Melissa studied abroad in Amman, Jordan and will travel to Peru for backpacking and study toward an outdoor leadership certification. Boignon’s adviser is Ali Mirsepassi, PhD.

Cultural Artifacts and German History, Anna Duensing
Concentration: Narrating History, Memory, and Place. Minor in German

Anna Duensing’s work has focused on comparative and transnational approaches to European and American history in the 19th and 20th centuries, paying particular attention to histories of discrimination and violence against minorities. Within this discourse, she considers the role of culture, media, and public institutions (e.g. monuments, memorial sites, ethnomusicology, oral history archives, and museums) in the construction of historical narrative and in historical education.

Her senior project,Do Right by My Country: Protest Patriotism and National Identity in World War II-Era Blues Music was presented through WNYU 89.1 FM where Duesing has been general manager, producer and host for the blues radio show Shake ‘Em On Down.

Also, while at NYU, Duensing has been Gallatin senior class representative, managing prose editor for the Gallatin Review, editor for the Gallatin Research Journal, co-president of the Gallatin Cinema Society. As well as earning [DHS], Anna earned a Dean’s Award for her summer research project Berlin: Capital of Modernity. She has also earned a Gallatin Student Resource Fund award and a Humanity in Action Summer Fellowship. Anna will be the Gallatin graduation speaker.

After graduation, Duensing will be moving to Germany on a Fulbright grant to teach English and continue her research. Duensing’s adviser is Karen Hornick, PhD.

Turkey, Kurds, Language, Nick Glastonbury
Concentration: Human Rights and Public Memory

After his colloquium in Memory, Trauma, and Belonging in Turkey Glastonbury grounded his studies of the Middle East (and Turkey in particular) at the intersections of human rights law, nationalism studies, anthropology, political science, theories of representation, feminist theory, and queer theory, which has been explored in is senior project, Discourse, Discipline, and the Making of the Kurdish National Subject in Turkey.

While at NYU, Nick has been an Albert Gallatin Scholar, a Gallatin Human Rights Fellow, co-president of the Gallatin Cinema Society, Executive Editor of The Gallatin Research Journal, and associate editor of The Journal of Global Affairs. Non-NYU study abroad took him to Bogaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Through the Fulbright program, Nick hopes to relocate to Turkey to conduct fieldwork and archival research on the intersections of Kurdish and queer political subjectivities while continuing work on several translation projects, including the publication of his translation of the novel Motherland Hotel by Yusuf Atilgan.Nick will be the BA Class Representative at graduation. Glastonbury’s adviser is Hannah Gurman, PhD.

Chile Youth Education Movement, Shara Guarnaccia
Concentration: Sociology of Youth Development - Latin American Studies Minor in Urban Education

Shara Guarnaccia combines youth development and sociology to study education and other institutions that impact youth and how these institutions are shaped by society. She is specifically interested in how society impacts youth development both in the US and in Latin America.

Guarnaccia is particularly intrigued by the disparities in how societies treat people differently based on superficial characteristics, such as race, class, and gender, and how this then impacts their relationship to and success in school and their life trajectory more generally.

While at NYU, Shara was a member of Dancers/Choreographers Alliance, and served as an America Reads tutor. After graduation she plans to have a city year in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Guarnaccia was Dean's Listed and studied abroad with SIT in Chile to explore Education and Social Change and through Burlington College studied abroad in Cuba. Guarnaccia’s Adviser is David Moore, PhD.

Narrative Engineering, Daniel LaCosse
Concentration: Narrative Engineering, minor in Game Design

Narrative Engineering is the aim to standardize the language we use to talk about narrative structure in order to streamline the creative process and optimize the stories we tell.

Daniel LaCosse is working on a film-digital game, hybrid narrative demo, tentatively titled Project Dio in which a film documents a tattoo artist's creative struggle to write and illustrate a graphic novel while the game is in fact an adaptation of the novel that the artist creates.

With plans to submit to festivals, LaCosse is aslo finishing a short biopic about Nikola Tesla called A Bolt, A Bird, which concerns the end of the inventor's life and a pigeon that was particularly dear to him.

While at NYU Daniel worked on and presented in the Gallatin Arts Festival and was a graphic designer/creative director for Gallatone. Abroad studies took him to NYU-Florence. LaCosse’s adviser is Matthew Stanley, PhD.

China Migrant Population & Development, Jackson Miller
Concentration: Class Stratification in Modern China

Jackson Miller draws from coursework in international politics, economics, sociology and Mandarin. He looks to examine the role of the state in the production of new forms of social hierarchy, focusing primarily on the recent explosion of the urban labor migrant class in China.

Miller is currently interning at Network 20/20, a nonprofit that seeks to engage rising and established leaders across professions and disciplines in meaningful dialogue on global foreign policy.

While at NYU, Jackson has served as External Vice President of the NYU's chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. He is a member of the Americas Scholars, recipient of the 2012 Gallatin Global Fellowship in Human Rights in Shanghai, China, which follows study abroad to the same city. Jackson earned the Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors. Miller’s Adviser is Ethan Harkness, PhD.

Ireland, Tourism, Language, Will Notini
Concentration: Linguistics in Performance

Will’s concentration focuses on the performative and extra-linguistic functions of language drawing on several disciplines: Linguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, and Sociology. Specifically, Notini looks at the interaction between language and society in post-colonial environments.

His senior project, Language Commoditization in Rural Minority Speech Communities analyzes insider-outsider dynamics in tourist destinations through linguistic performance and language ideologies. To illustrate the relationship his paper uses two case studies: the Pennsylvania Dutch speaking populations of Lancaster County, PA and Irish speaking communities in the west of Ireland.

Prior to commencing MA work at University of Chicago in the Fall of 2013, Will plans to travel to Guatemala to research the roles of Mayan languages in the socialization and education of Guatemala City’s children.  While at NYU, Notini was editor-in-chief for the Gallatin Research Journal and studied abroad at NYU-Dublin. Notini’s adviser is Christopher Cartmill, MFA.

Africa Post-Colonial Development, Fatoumata Waggeh
Concentration: African Political Development and Colonial History; Law

Fatoumata Waggeh’s concentration explores how historical processes and broad structure colonialism and neo-colonialism have manifested in African underdevelopment and its placement on the periphery. The concluding aspect of this concentration, through an analysis of legal frameworks, analyzed the role of the law in empowering and providing justice to historically marginalized communities.

Waggeh’s senior project, Che and Lumumba: 20th Century Socialists juxtaposes the political history of Cuba and the Democratic Republic of Congo through an analysis of the two prime Marxists and revolutionaries of the African Diaspora in the 20th century: Ernesto Che Guevara and Patrice Lumumba. Fatoumata will be Gallatin’s Banner Bearer for graduation and commencement ceremonies. Waggeh’s adviser is Alejandro Velasco, PhD.

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