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30 Aug
Aug 30, 2011 | 10:00 AM-2:00 PM


First-Year Student Orientation

Imagine orientation as the beginning of a great adventure housed in New York University and New York City and made of books, people, experiences, ideas and all sorts of other materials from the world around us. When you return in September, you'll be coming back to a place that is already familiar, and your adventure will, in fact, already be under way.

The goal of orientation is to introduce you to NYU and in particular to the Gallatin community, and to prepare you for the fall term. Part of orientation will be focused on introducing you to the people who will be important to your first year: Gallatin faculty, your class adviser, your classmates, and your class's orientation leaders, a group of current Gallatin students who will be able to answer questions great and small about NYU and New York City. Another part of orientation will focus on introducing you to the exciting academic world you are about to enter, a world of interdisciplinary and individualized study in which you can explore the various schools of NYU: the College of Arts and Science, the Stern School of Business, the Steinhardt School of Education, the Tisch School of the Arts, the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, the School of Social Work, the Wagner School of Public Service, and, of course, Gallatin.

We look forward to seeing you at orientation!