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27 Mar
The Dean's Conference Room
Mar 27, 2013 | 6:30 PM-8:00 PM


Writers in Progress, with Selma Thompson and Nina Cornyetz

Gallatin professors Selma Thompson and Nina Cornyetz will read from and discuss their current writing projects. Thompson, a screenwriter and playwright, will read from her novel; Cornyetz, a literary and film scholar, will read from her screenplay.

Professor Cornetz's Gallatin courses include "Doing Things with Words: Arts and Politics Across Cultures," "On Freud's Couch: Psychoanalysis, Narrative and Memory," and "Beyond Good and Evil: Gangsters, Violence, and the Urban Landscape." She will read from “Ablaze,” a screenplay about a young man from an outcaste community trying to come to terms with his illegitimate birth. The work is adapted from a trilogy by the contemporary Japanese author Nakagami Kenji.

Professor Thompson teaches "Writing the Screenplay I" and "Writing the Screenplay 2" at Gallatin. She will read from a comic novel-in-progress about the redemptive power of cataclysmic failure. Titled In the Dark, the novel is a valentine to academia and to the movies.

Refreshments will be served.