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23 Apr
Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts
Apr 23, 2013 | 6:30 PM-8:00 PM


Albert Gallatin Lecture Series with Rob Sheffield

Pop Music As Time Travel

These days, the music world keeps evolving at a dizzy pace. Yet it’s never been easier for pop songs to jump back and forth in time, thanks to the explosion of sound-blasting technologies. At any given moment, a song from anywhere in the past can jump out of nowhere to trigger your memories, ravage your emotions, destroy your sense of history and basically ruin your life. This is all excellent and terrifying. But how do these changes affect the weird majesty of pop music? How do these songs work as the soundtrack of our lives? Does this mean the space-time continuum will never ever get back together?

Rob Sheffield is the author of the acclaimed national best-sellers Love Is a Mix Tape and Talking to Girls about Duran Duran. He is a columnist for Rolling Stone, where he has been writing about music, TV, and pop culture since 1997. A music journalist for over 25 years, he often appears on VH1 and has also written for the New York Times, the Village Voice, Spin, Mojo, and many other publications. He lives in Brooklyn.