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07 Apr
All events in the Jerry H. Labowitz Theater for the Performing Arts & Gallatin Galleries | 1 Washington Pl
Apr 7, 2014 -Apr 11, 2014 | All day


Gallatin Arts Festival


The Gallatin Arts Festival (GAF) is a week-long, community-wide celebration of the unique artistry and interdisciplinary scholarship of students at NYU's Gallatin School. The festival features student work in the visual and performing arts and serves as a galvanizing force and springboard for action and discussion through the creation and presentation of artistic work.


Visit the GAF website for more details.

Monday, April 7
Gallery Opening
Featuring visual art by William Belknap, Michael Beuttler, Mali Bowers, Grace Chen, Kareem Collie, Jackie Danziger, Vanessa De Horsey, Jamie Denberg, Sarah Doody, Jourdan Enriquez, Sasha Frovola, Cassidy George, Tanya Gupta, Emma Hearne, Laura Hetzel, Jihan Kikhia, Jennifer Leevan, Evan Lorberbaum, Aimee Mosseri, Elena Mudd, Madeline Park, Joe Saunders, Alexa Schaeffer, Morgan Seiler, Luke Smithers, Adam Sperry, Sofia Szamosi, Rachel Wang, Miakka Wood, and Sydney Zwicker.

The visual arts presentation as well as “The Sound Station,” sound art curated by Professor Nina Katchadourian, will be on display throughout the week in the Gallatin Galleries.

Tuesday, April 8 
Live Installation in the Gallery, “The Evolution of Leadership” by Jessica Harris

Interactive Dance Workshop led by Mia DiChiaro in Gallery (RSVP required)

Dance: choreography by Megan Foy, Nicole Robertson, Jesse Phillips-Fein, and Ana Karimi

Theater: “Odysseus Fantasy” by Harry Buckoke and “Hayy Ibn Yaqzan: The Self-Taught Philosopher” by Connor Sedlacek

Wednesday, April 9

Theater: “Shakesparody” by Charlie Kennedy and “Scapegrace Prince” by Elizabeth Pollack

Theater: “Mickey and the Bear” by Annabelle Attanasio

Thursday, April 10
Theater: “Between Beyonce & Josephine” by Ashley Thaxton and “Rap on Race” by Kevin Vavasseur followed by panel discussion “Identity & Culture”

Theater: “Show Us Womanish” featuring Katherine Romans, Kathryn Wilson, Kelsey Burns, Kasey Connolly, Ashley Thaxton, Rachel Francavillo, and Annie Higgins

Music: “The Night the Saucers Came” featuring Katharine Ortiz

Music: “Torch Songs” featuring Audra LaBrosse

Friday, April 11
Short Story Readings by Mina Hamedi, Kaila Allison, and Zeynep Ozakat

Theater Reading: "The Once and Future Fling" by Otter Lee

Documentary Radio Show featuring work by Emily Tugwell, Emma Hammond, Micah Cicero, and Meera Al Sayegh

Music & Live Poetry featuring Thaddeus Strauss, Nick Duba, Rose Howell, and special guests.