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22 May
The Gallatin Galleries
May 22, 2017 -May 31, 2017 | 10:00 AM-7:00 PM


Smile, Bitch: Works by Sofia Szamosi

Sofia Szamosi (BA '17) uses the body as the crux of her work to comment on the most basic connection of humankind. In her work, Szamosi invites viewers to enter a world where expected boundaries—between order and chaos, mind and body, nourishment and decay, horror and dread, artist and viewer—no longer exist. With her own body as a tool and point of focus, the artist asks viewers to confront the primal id looming within all of us, hiding beneath layers of socialization, rules, and containers. Located at the intersection of video, photography, and performance, Smile, Bitch not only reveals the dichotomies which govern our most basic understandings of ourselves and one another, but seeks to reveal these dichotomies for what they are: learned illusions.

Opening Reception: Monday, May 22, 5-7 pm