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Event Planning Frequently Asked Questions

Who can host an event at Gallatin?

  • Gallatin full-time faculty, administrators, and staff who are planning school-sponsored or co-sponsored events
  • Gallatin student clubs and organizations

What kind of events does Gallatin host?

Events hosted by the School should strive to achieve one or more of these purposes:

  • Further faculty scholarship, research, and teaching;
  • Enhance the academic and personal growth of our student body;
  • Support the School’s culture of inclusion;
  • Strengthen our community as a whole;
  • Increase Gallatin’s visibility in New York City and beyond.

To achieve these goals, all proposed campus events will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Intellectual or academic fit with the mission of the School
  • How the event builds or maintains relationships with the larger community

Is there a charge for hosting an event at Gallatin?

For School-sponsored events, costs for space usage and furniture set-ups will be waived, as will costs related to audiovisual equipment and support.

For co-sponsored events, space set-up and furniture rental charges may apply. Please note that liability insurance may also be required. The Special Events Office will work in collaboration with the event organizers on these details in advance of the event.

Event organizers are responsible for the costs related to additional services, including decorations, hospitality support, catering, publicity, janitorial services, and public safety related to opening or closing the School outside of regular hours.

How do I propose hosting an event at Gallatin?

All members of the Gallatin community who wish to hold events on campus must make event requests online using the Event Proposal Form.

Is there a different process for proposing to host a co-sponsored event?

The process for requesting and scheduling an event is the same, but event organizers should indicate on their request form all of the co-sponsoring parties and their level of involvement.

I want to rehearse. How do I reserve space in the Art Studio or Rehearsal Room?

For repeating events, such as regular rehearsals or meetings that will take place in the Art Studio or the Rehearsal Room, student clubs should contact the Gallatin Office of Student Life to discuss repeating reservations before submitting a request via

What times can I plan to have an event at Gallatin?

During the academic year, Gallatin is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 9:45 pm and on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. The School is closed on Sundays. During these hours, Gallatin classrooms and studio spaces are available for reservations by Gallatin students, faculty, and administrators for Gallatin-related rehearsals, activities, meetings, and events.

I submitted the Event Proposal Form. What happens next?

Once an event request is submitted, the event organizer will receive an email regarding the status of the request within two business days. All requests are presented to the Events Committee for evaluation. Given the high volume of activity at the School during the academic year, flexibility about location and dates is helpful.

Once an event is approved, the event organizer will receive a confirmation email that will outline next steps.

My event was not approved. Is it possible to alter the event proposal based on the Event Committee’s feedback and then resubmit?

Of course. If an event is not approved, the event organizer will receive an email stating the reasons that the event will not be supported.

My event has been approved, but I need to make a change to the set-up/date/time/equipment needs/etc. How do I do that?

Once your event is approved, all changes (set-up, time changes, AV needs, rentals, etc.) must be made in writing in advance and approved by the Special Events Office.

I need to rent furniture for my event. How do I do that?

Depending on the event location and furniture needs, it may be necessary for event organizers to rent furniture (glassware, linens, etc.) and to cover the necessary delivery and set-up charges. The team from the Special Events Office will work with the organizer to make arrangements for the rentals.

I need to order catering for my event. How do I do that?

For most events, organizers can choose a caterer. However, for larger events, such as those with food budgets of $1,000 or more, an NYU-approved caterer must be used. These caterers participated in a formal selection process and were chosen based upon their ability to meet the needs of the NYU community. They have the necessary required insurance and are familiar with the NYU campus.

What should I do with leftover food and drinks from my event?

Once you know that your event will have leftover food, organizers should contact TransferNation, the anti-food waste initiative that was founded by a Gallatin alum, at 512-567-7426 or 609-647-2693. They will arrange a pickup of the food when your event is over and deliver the food free of charge to a soup kitchen in New York City.

I want to serve alcohol at my event. Am I allowed to serve alcohol?

As a general rule, alcohol is not approved at Gallatin student events. In accordance with New York State laws and the guidelines set forth in the NYU Substance Abuse and Alcoholic Beverages Policy, outlined here, only students who are 21 years of age or older are allowed to purchase, possess, consume, and serve alcoholic beverages.

To request that alcohol be served at a Gallatin student event, the event organizers must submit a request in writing to the Associate Dean of Finance and Administration at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event. If the request is approved, organizers will be notified in writing. Organizers may be asked to show the approval notification to Gallatin or to the Public Safety staff.

Who is responsible for cleaning up after my event?

At the end of an event, all trash and recycling must be disposed of properly by the event organizers; the event space should appear as it was before the start of the event. Event organizers who fail to return the space to its original condition so may not be allowed to schedule events at the School again.

Still have questions?

Please contact the Special Events Office at