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Planning Expectations and Timeline

General responsibilities

Event organizers need to consider what is required in order to stage a successful event. Event organizers are responsible for making the necessary arrangements such as ordering and setting up the food, providing tablecloths, purchasing ice and paper goods, etc. The Special Events Office staff is on hand to offer guidance and assistance to event organizers as they plan their event.


Organizers can choose a caterer for most events. For events whose food costs exceed $1,000, a NYU-approved caterer must be used. These caterers are familiar with the NYU campus and have been chosen based upon their ability to meet the needs of the NYU community. The list of approved caterers will be shared with event organizers once an event is approved. Event organizers work directly with the caterer throughout the event production process, with the organizers as the primary contact for the caterer on the day of the event.

Renting furniture, linens, and glassware

Depending on the event location and furniture needs, it may be necessary for event organizers to rent furniture (glassware, linens, etc.) and to cover the necessary delivery and set-up charges from the event budget. Once an event is approved, staff from the Special Events Office will work with the organizers to make arrangements for rentals.


As a general rule, alcohol is not approved at Gallatin student events. In accordance with New York State laws and the guidelines set forth in the NYU Substance Abuse and Alcoholic Beverages Policy, only students who are 21 years of age or older are allowed to purchase, possess, consume, and serve alcoholic beverages.

To request that alcohol be served at a Gallatin student event, the event organizers must submit a request in writing to the Associate Dean of Finance and Administration at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event. If the request is approved, organizers will be notified in writing. Organizers may be asked to show the approval notification to Gallatin or to the Public Safety staff.

Additional services

Event organizers are responsible for the costs related to additional services, including decorations, hospitality support, catering, publicity, janitorial services, and public safety related to opening or closing the School outside of regular hours. Gallatin is open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 9:45 pm and on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. The School is closed on Sundays.

Two weeks prior to an event

Organizers must provide the following information to the Special Events Office:

  • Name of selected caterer
  • Name of company delivering any furniture and/or linens, china, flatware, etc.
  • Arrival time of selected caterer on the event date
  • Information on space needs and other event set-up needs

On the day of an event

Organizers are required to be on-site to facilitate event-related logistics on the day of the event. Event organizers coordinate the delivery and pick-up dates, times, and access points of any related rentals as well as appropriate load-in/load-out locations with the Special Events Office. They are responsible for checking in attendees and working with the Gallatin staff to make sure the event is in compliance with state and federal requirements.

After an event

At the end of an event, all trash and recycling must be disposed of properly by the event organizers; the event space should appear as it was before the start of the event. Event organizers who fail to return the space to its original condition so may not be allowed to schedule events at the School again.

Changes or cancellations

If you need to cancel an event, please contact the Special Events Office at