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Event Policies and Procedures

Gallatin’s policies and procedures for event planning are designed to distribute space for events as fairly and efficiently as possible while keeping the School’s Mission and Learning Goals in mind.

Events hosted by the School further faculty scholarship, research, and teaching; enhance the academic and personal growth of our student body; support the School's culture of inclusion; strengthen our community as a whole; and increase our visibility in New York City and beyond.

To achieve these goals, all proposed events will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Intellectual or academic fit with the mission of the School
  • How the event fosters a sense of community within Gallatin or the larger community of the University


To submit event requests and to reserve event and rehearsal spaces, you must be either:

  • Gallatin full-time faculty, administrators, and staff who are planning school-sponsored or co-sponsored events, or
  • Gallatin student clubs and organizations