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Proposing and Scheduling an Event

Once you’ve have reviewed the Event Policies and Procedures, Spaces at Gallatin, and Frequently Asked Questions, submit your event request using the Event Proposal Form.

Requests will be evaluated by the Events Committee. Along with the availability of space and other resources, requests are evaluated based upon the criteria listed here. Flexibility about location and dates are encouraged—as is advance planning. An event review with members of the Special Events Office may be required. Organizers will receive a response to a submitted Event Proposal Form within 5-7 business days.

Once an event is approved, the event organizer will receive a confirmation email that will outline next steps.
If an event is not approved, the event organizer will receive an email stating the reasons that the event will not be supported. If an event proposal requires a slight modification in order to be approved, a staff member from the Office of Special Events will contact the event organizers.

If you are interested in scheduling a repeating event, such as a regular rehearsal, please submit an event proposal to the Office of Special Events using the Gallatin Space Self-Service Request Form.

Individual students not affiliated with a club or organization who wish to stage an event should secure a Gallatin faculty sponsor or the sponsorship of a Gallatin club.