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Spaces at Gallatin

During the academic year, Gallatin is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 9:45 pm and on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. The School is closed on Sundays. During these hours, Gallatin classrooms and studio spaces are available for reservation by Gallatin students, faculty, and administrators for Gallatin-related rehearsals, activities, meetings, and events.

Please review the event spaces and take into consideration the needs of your event. It is advisable to be flexible and to plan with an alternate event space in mind; please be sure to include alternatives in your request.

Art Studio

The Dean's Conference Room

The Gallatin Galleries

The Gallatin Student Lounge

The Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts

Rehearsal Studio

Reserving Event and Rehearsal Spaces at Gallatin

Information for Faculty

Faculty members interested in reserving space for a meeting or event should email

Information for Gallatin Student Clubs

Gallatin student clubs should use their existing EMS accounts to request event space for one-time events. If you’re unsure if your Gallatin club has an existing account, contact the Office of Student Life by emailing

For repeating events, such as regular rehearsals or meetings that will take place in the Art Studio or the Rehearsal Room, student clubs should contact the Gallatin Office of Student Life to discuss repeating reservations before submitting a request via

If a Gallatin student club is interested in reserving the Gallatin Student Lounge, contact the Office of Student Life by emailing

Information for Individual Gallatin Students

Individual Gallatin students not affiliated with a Gallatin club who wish to stage a one-time event should secure a Gallatin faculty sponsor or the sponsorship of a Gallatin club in order to do so.

For repeating rehearsals, students may request space for up to two hours per week in the Gallatin Rehearsal Room or Art Studio. Participants in the Gallatin Arts Festival, the Masters Thesis Showcase, as well as students in a performance-based arts workshop or a performance-based independent study or tutorial can make a Self-Service Reservation Request. Any additional requests for space during a one-week period should be submitted as a separate request by emailing

Please note: Reservations for rehearsal spaces are non-transferrable. If you know of someone who would like to use your reservation time, please cancel the original reservation by emailing; the other party interested in using the space will then be able to submit a new reservation request.

If there are individuals participating in your reservation that are not NYU-affiliated, include this information in the reservation. If your request is approved, the names of all non-NYU attendees will need to be submitted at least 24 hours ahead of the reservation time.

Event Management System Accounts

In order to request space through Gallatin’s Event Management System (EMS), Gallatin students must have an EMS account. To get started, please email, and include your full name as it appears in Albert, your Net ID, and the best phone number at which to reach you. You will be contacted within two business days to confirm your Gallatin’s EMS account. Please note that submitting a request via the Gallatin EMS space reservation system does not guarantee a space.