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Student Lounge


Student Lounge
Room 522

The Student Lounge is first and foremost a space for Gallatin students to relax, study, and connect with one another. The Student Lounge features comfortable seating, as well as workspace and computers for students to use. Unless indicated on the schedule posted outside, the Lounge is open to all students for the duration of building hours.

The Student Lounge may be booked for student events and activities at the discretion of Student Life. Requests to book the Lounge must be made two weeks in advance through the Gallatin Event Management System. Requests for the Student Lounge made by email will not be approved.

Clubs may reserve the Student Lounge only for events that are open to the entire Gallatin community. For group meetings or other small-scale, closed events, students must request space other than the Student Lounge.

General Policies and Guidelines:

  • Noise and disruption must be kept to a minimum, as there are working offices adjacent to the space.
  • Audio-visual equipment may be used only with the approval of Student Life.
  • Food is permitted in the Student Lounge, but it MUST be cleaned up at the end of the event. Leftover food or drink may not be left in the Student Lounge. If you have leftover food or drink, please either dispose of it or contact TransferNation and arrange to have the food donated. If there is food left in the Student Lounge after your event, you or your club will lose the privilege of reserving the space in the future.
  • If you move furniture in the Student Lounge, you must return it to its original position at the end of your reservation time.