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Guest Lecturer Request

Please fill out this online form completely. After the guest lecturer request has been approved, we will send more details about the payment process. Please note the following limitations and restrictions:

  • Instructors may request up to two guest lecturers per term. A request for an additional lecturer must be approved by the curriculum chair. 
  • The request should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled lecture. It is recommended that course instructors not finalize arrangements with the lecturer until budgetary approval has been obtained.
  •  Compensation varies depending upon the length of the class/lecture. 

When lecturer can expect payment

NYU employees

If the lecturer is currently employed by NYU, either as full time faculty, adjunct faculty or staff, the payment will be processed through the NYU Payroll office and will appear in your regular NYU pay check. Payment can be expected approximately 1-2 payment cycles after the date of the lecture.

Non-NYU employees

If the lecturer is not an NYU employee, payment will be processed after the date of the lecture and after the lecturer submits a completed W-9 form (this will be sent to the instructor when the guest lecturer request is approved). In most cases, payment can be expected within approximately 3-4 weeks.

Course Instructor Information

Guest Lecturer Information