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Request for a Grade of Incomplete

Students in Gallatin courses (including independent studies, tutorials, private lessons or internships) are expected to complete the required work by the deadline set by the instructor. If, for good reason (illness, family emergency, etc.), a student cannot finish the required work for a Gallatin course by the instructor’s deadline, s/he may request a Grade of Incomplete.

The Student’s Responsibilities

After reviewing the Gallatin Policy on Incomplete Grades, submit the electronic Request for Incomplete Grade form to the instructor on or before the last day of classes. You must specify the reason for requesting the incomplete, the remaining course work to be completed, and the date by which that work will be submitted to the instructor. The grade of I is not automatically granted, and if the written request is not made, the instructor will submit a final grade based on work completed to that point.

If the request is approved, you must complete and submit the required work by the deadline specified on the form, which will be no later than the last day of classes in the following term (i.e., in the spring term for a fall or January term course or in the fall term for a spring or summer course). The deadline will apply even to students who maintain matriculation by fee in the following term. The student must remember to hand in the work; the instructor is not obliged to send reminders. If the required work is not completed by the final deadline, the temporary grade of I will become an F, which will be computed into the student’s grade point average. The F will not be removed from the student’s transcript under any circumstances.

Prior to submitting this form, you should have already met with your instructor to discuss the reason for your request. This is to confirm that I am requesting an incomplete grade for the following reason

By submitting this form, I agree that: I understand that the absolute final deadline for submitting the remaining work is the last day of classes in the next full academic term. I understand that if I do not submit the remaining work by the deadline, the grade of I will lapse to a final grade of F. Once the grade has changed, it will not be changed back under any circumstances. I also understand that in receiving an Incomplete grade, I am automatically ineligible for this semester’s Dean’s List (which is available only to undergraduate students).