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The Gallatin Student Resource Fund

Deadline: March 11th, 2016

The Gallatin Student Resource Fund is designed to provide additional resources to undergraduate students for projects that will foster a greater sense of community at the Gallatin School.

All Gallatin undergraduate students (excluding seniors graduating in December) are invited to submit proposals to request support from the Gallatin Student Resource Fund. Projects can be renewed for a second year contingent upon successful completion and review of the project during its first year.

Maximum budget per project: Up to $4000

Examples of projects that could be funded include

  • Student community projects
  • Student research projects that allow a group of students to work together on a project, ideally one intended to have a broader community impact
  • Student activities intended to extend learning outside the classroom, such as a community event planned by students in a class
  • A student-planned research conference on a topic of interest
  • A student publication
  • Students who invite a speaker or a panel of speakers relating to a community interest.
  • Examples of past funded projects include:
    • “Gallatin Film Alliance”
    • “here there and EVERYwhere”
    • “”
    • “Paideia”
    • “NYU: Reaching Out” 

Guidelines for Application

Projects should be focused and specific, and have a definite aim. Some preference will be given to projects involving groups and group activities and to collaborative projects. Student projects that also include faculty, administrators and other suitable mentors are welcome.

Please field specific application questions to Rae Georges at

Student Information


Projected Expenses

Please list the expenses associated with your project, or attach this information on a separate page.

Project Proposal

Recommendations and applications have the same deadline. Applications with late or missing recommendations will not be considered.