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Plan of Study, Undergraduate


Instructions for completing the plan of study

Meet with your primary faculty adviser and complete this form well in advance of your registration appointment time. Depending on your adviser’s availability it may take a minimum of one to three business days (Monday-Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern time) for you to be cleared for registration after completing this form.

The steps to completing this form are as follows:

  1. Write narrative responses to the three questions below.
  2. Review your remaining degree requirements on Albert by following these instructions (PDF).
  3. Study the course offerings and discuss your list of course selections with your primary faculty adviser before submitting this form.

A confirmation email will be sent to you after you submit the Plan of Study. If you do not get a confirmation email, please contact the Office of Student Services to make sure your Plan of Study was received.

What are your academic goals for this semester? What do you hope to accomplish before you graduate?

What is your area of concentration? Have you written your IAPC? Have you declared a minor if you intend to do so?

What have you done over the past semester to help realize the goals described above? In what ways have your interests, goals, and plans changed since you wrote the plan of study last semester?

(Start typing the name, then choose from the list.)

Registration restrictions


Undergraduate students may enroll in as many as (but no more than) 24 total internship units during their undergraduate course of study, and as many as (but no more than) four internship units per semester.

Business courses

No more than 31 credits in business courses can count towards the Gallatin degree. This includes courses in the Stern School, the McGhee Division in the School of Professional Studies, and those transferred from other colleges and universities.

Private Lessons

Undergraduate students may not take more than 24 credits in private lessons during their studies at the Gallatin School. Included in this total will be units earned from Gallatin Private Lessons (INDIV-UG 1701) as well as units earned from Steinhardt music courses noted as “individual instruction in the performing arts” (e.g., Participation in NYU Orchestra, Private Vocal Training, etc.).

The Liberal Studies Program (LSP)

After matriculation at Gallatin students are not permitted to receive degree credit for LSP courses. The course code for these courses contains “- UF” (formerly prefixed with “T”).

School of Professional Studies Restriction (SPS)

Gallatin students are not permitted to receive degree credit for certain courses in SPS. The course code for these courses contains “- UC”. Please review the list of SPS courses that Gallatin students can take for credit.

Maintaining Matriculation

Students may maintain matriculation by fee for a maximum of 4 semesters during
their academic career, but for no more than two consecutive semesters.

Repeating Courses

Most courses may be taken one time only for credit toward the BA, unless the course has been approved to be repeated for credit. See the Gallatin website for more information about repeating courses.

Course Selections

Example (permission numbers are not required for all courses)