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Governance + Committees

Gallatin School Committees 2022-2023


Standing Committees 

Executive Committee 

Curriculum Committee 

Curriculum Committee Charter (PDF) 


Advisement and Policies Committee

Advisement and Policies Charter (PDF)


Promotion and Tenure Committee


Senior Promotions Committee 


MA Program Committee


Writing Program Committee

Writing Program Charter (PDF)


Interdisciplinary Arts Committee

In consultation with: Keith Miller, Ben Steinfield 


Individualized Programs Committee

In consultation with Alejandro Velasco, Andrea Gadberry, Rachel Bunker and Malik Walker 


Ad Hoc Committees 

Student Conduct / Grade Grievance Committee

Teaching and Advising Awards Committee 

In consultation with Marissa Mattes and Amy Spellacy

Disciplinary Appeals Committee 

Provost's Diversity Postdocs Committee 

Faculty Technology Committee

Faculty Technology Committee Charter (PDF)

In consultation with Nick Likos 

Undergraduate Academic/ Research Awards Committee 

In consultation with Josephine De Caro (Newington- Cropsey Foundation), Amy Spellacy 

Taki Chair Committee

Clinical Guidelines Review Committee (Spring) 

Hiring / Search Committees 

Political Economy Search Committee 

Gender and Sexuality Search Committee

Ben Ratliff Reading Committee (Fall) 

David Spielman Reading Committee (Fall)

Toussaint Nothias Reading Committee (Fall) 

Scholars Groups

  • Albert Gallatin Scholars
    Primary Faculty Advisor: Sara Murphy 
    Administrative Director: Mehmet Darakcioglu 
    Destination: UK and Ireland Theme: Dis/ United Kingdom 
  • Dean's Honor Society
    Primary Faculty Advisor: Karen Hornick, 
    Administrative Director Conor Brady
    Destination: Czech Republic and Austria
    Theme: Arts Politics and Society in Habsburg Lands 
  • America's Scholars
    Primary Faculty Advisor Matthew Stanley
    Administrative Director Cameron Williams 
    Destination: Costa Rica
    Theme: Post- Colonial Science in the Mid - Apothropocene 

University Wide Committees

Minor in Psychoanalysis and the Humanities Steering Committee:

University Committees 

Global Sites Committees