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How Gallatin Works

“The experiences I’ve had at Gallatin have been unparalleled. I feel lucky to be able to attend a school that has allowed me to study every discipline I’ve ever wanted to study.” Gallatin Student

The Gallatin School of Individualized Study provides a distinctive liberal arts education for a diverse student body. Our faculty foster passionate, intellectual commitments from learners and prepare them for a world in which managing knowledge is key to success. 

Individualized Study & Academics

Creating your own program requires maturity, self-motivation, and independence. Gallatin’s unique synthesis of high academic standards and flexible study opportunities provides an outstanding educational experience. The Gallatin School was created to respond to the needs and interests of a special kind of student—focused, intelligent, disciplined, and creative. 


All Gallatin students have at least two assigned advisers: a faculty adviser, who serves as an intellectual mentor to guide students as they navigate disciplines and departments in forging interdisciplinary concentrations; and a class adviser, who provides support to a cohort of students, fostering a sense of community among students as they pursue individualized programs of study.