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Green Academics

Because Gallatin's approach to scholarship and learning is an interdisciplinary one, students and faculty are uniquely suited to study sustainability. Not limited by fields, departments or majors, students can create concentrations that explore green issues from every angle, and faculty bring an impressive breadth of knowledge from various fields. View current course offerings here.

Recent Courses at Gallatin 
A Sense of Place  Ecology and Environmental Thought  
History of Environmental Sciences Before Darwin Nature, Resources, and the Human Condition: Perspectives on Environmental History 
Ecological Transport, Infrastructure and Building Design   Good Design: Scale  
Green Design   Good Design: Habitation  
Mapping as a Spatial, Political, and Environmental Practice   Think Big: Global Issues and Ecological Solutions  
Green Design from Geddes to Gore   History of Environmental Art, Architecture and Design  
Advanced Urban Design Energy  
Recent Student Concentrations and Areas of Study
Environmental Sociology & Film 
Environmental Values and Public Policy 
Architecture and Urban Studies 
Social, Environmental and Economic Sustainability 
Politics of Nonprofits and Social Ventures: Maximizing Social Impact  
Environmental Studies & Social Entrepreneurship 
Energy, Communications, Leadership/Change Management 
Sustainability Studies 
International Community Development; Infrastructure; Public Health 
Sustainable Tourism and its Impact on Local Communities 
Human induced environmental change as witnessed through Arabic fiction 
Environmental and Business Economics