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Graduating Early

Are you interested in completing your Gallatin degree in fewer than eight semesters?

At NYU, students who are interested in graduating early are considered to be "accelerating." Please see the NYU Accelerate page and also consult with your Faculty Adviser and your Class Adviser to discuss your plans. The tips below may help you get started.
  • Weigh the costs and benefits of acceleration and determine what makes the most sense for you. Is paying for NYU a concern for you? Are you eager to start your professional life? These are some reasons why students might want to accelerate. On the other hand, are you worried you might miss out on important opportunities by graduating early? Do you have concerns that taking more units in a given semester might be too intense? Discuss these issues with your Faculty Adviser and/or your Class Adviser.
  • If you decide that you are interested in accelerating, talk to your advisers and make a long-term plan! You should discuss with your Faculty Adviser as well as your Class Adviser.
  • Be aware of Gallatin degree requirements and map out a plan for how you will
    complete them. As you make a plan, be sure to include Gallatin milestones such as the IAPC, Rationale and Booklist, and the Colloquium.
  • Familiarize yourself with NYU’s tuition policies (see the NYU Bursar’s website). Note,
    for example, that you will be charged one tuition rate for taking 12-18 units in the fall or
    spring semester. One way to maximize your tuition is to consider taking 18 units per
    semester rather than the standard 16.
  • Consider taking January term and summer courses.
  • Determine how you might apply Advanced Placement credits (keep in mind that you will be able to apply AP units at the end of sophomore year).
  • Discuss the possibility of External Study with your adviser. Gallatin undergraduates may
    apply to complete up to 8 credits/units of external study per term, with a maximum of 16
    credits/units over the course of the B.A. degree. This allows you to take courses at a
    different university and apply those credits toward your Gallatin degree. Please note that
    you must apply in advance using the online Domestic External Study Application on the Gallatin website.

Additional questions about acceleration? Please write to