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Gallatin Student Resource Fund

resource fund

The Gallatin Student Resource Fund is designed to provide additional resources (up to $4000) to graduate and undergraduate students for projects intended to foster a greater sense of community at the Gallatin School.
Examples of eligible projects:

  • Student community projects
  • Student research projects—ideally those intended to have a broader community impact—that allow a group of students to work together on a project
  • Student activities intended to extend learning outside the classroom, such as a community event planned by students enrolled in the same class
  • A student-planned research conference on a topic of interest
  • A student-planned, arts-focused event
  • A student publication
  • A student-invited speaker or panel of speakers on a topic(s) relating to a Gallatin community interest


All Gallatin students (with the exception of graduating seniors) are invited to submit proposals to request support from the Gallatin Student Resource Fund. Projects can be renewed for a second year contingent upon successful completion and review of a project during its first year.


Projects must begin no sooner than the semester following the application period. Funds will not be disbursed until after the semester after the application has been submitted. Students must complete projects within twelve (12) months of receiving the award. All applicants who have received a Dean’s Award in the past who have not met the requirements of the award will not be considered for future funding.


November 1

March 1

Application Requirements

  • Concentration: Describe your concentration and explain how this award/fellowship may contribute to your concentration's development.
  • Project Proposal: Give a detailed description of your project. Include your project goal(s), a brief demonstration of your knowledge related to the field of study, a description of your research methods or artistic process, and your project outcome (i.e., an essay intended for publication, a work of art, etc.).
  • Event Information: If your proposal includes an event(s), briefly outline what those events are, when they should occur and who will be involved in their planning and execution.
  • Timeline: What is your timeline? Please note that projects cannot begin until after the semester in which you apply.
  • Gallatin Community: How does your project help build Gallatin community?
  • Budget: provide an itemized account of your expenses associated with this project. If the total cost of the project is above the award amount, be able to explain how you will procure the additional funding to complete the project.
  • Resume
  • Recommendation