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Gallatin Undergraduate Research Fund

The Gallatin Undergraduate Research Fund (GURF) was created to assist students in funding ($250-$1000) their research projects. A GURF grant may be used to support the purchase of necessary equipment, travel, or any other reasonable and justified expenses (including money to replace necessary income from a summer job). All applications require a project proposal, a proposed budget, and a faculty mentor’s assessment.


Applicants must be current first-year students, sophomores, juniors, or first-term seniors in the Gallatin School.


Grants may be used in the fall, spring and summer semesters. At the end of the grant period, awardees are required to submit a report detailing the results of the research conducted and how GURF’s financial support contributed to the project.


November 1st and March 1st.

Application Requirements

  • Concentration: Describe your concentration and explain how this award/fellowship may contribute to your concentration's development.
  • Project Proposal: Give a detailed description of your project. Include your project goal(s), a brief demonstration of your knowledge related to the field of study, a description of your research methods or artistic process, and your project outcome (i.e., an essay intended for publication, a work of art, etc.).
  • Budget: provide an itemized account of your expenses associated with this project. If the total cost of the project is above the award amount, be able to explain how you will procure the additional funding to complete the project.
  • Resume
  • Recommendation


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