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Rising Sophomore Research Program

The Rising Sophomore Research Program is a research fellowship created to introduce early career undergraduates to the fundamentals of research during the summer before their sophomore year. Students apply to the program with a research paper from their first year and receive a $1,500 stipend to further develop their research. In accepting admission into the program, students are required to:

  • submit a paper from a course taken in the past year with a plan on how they will update and expand the paper over the summer months
  • meet periodically with research program advisers over the summer months to discuss research and revisions
  • complete research cohort assignments and module through the program site
  • write an expanded scholarly paper on the research conducted and to submit this paper at the end of the summer.


At the time of application, all Gallatin undergraduates who are entering their sophomore year are eligible to apply. In credit terms, eligible students must have earned between 30-36 credits by the end of the spring semester.  


Students will be selected in mid June to begin the program by late June. The program duration will run from late June to late August. Final papers are due by September 1st. 


Applications are due June 1

Application Requirements

  • Concentration: Describe your concentration and explain how this award/fellowship may contribute to your concentration's development.
  • Course Information: Paper must be a graded research paper from any course taken during the first year.
  • Paper Proposal and Revision Plan: Give a brief summary of your paper. Include your paper’s thesis, a brief demonstration of your knowledge related to the field of study, a description of your research methods or artistic process, and your plans for how you will expand upon your research through the summer program.
  • Paper Upload: Minimum 8-10 pages with plan to expand to 15-20 pages. (Must include a bibliography)
  • Resume