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Food By the Numbers

Semester and Year WI 2018
Course Number IDSEM-UG1930
Section 001
Instructor Alison Heslin
Time 2:00 PM - 5:45 PM
Units 4
Level U
Requirement   SCI



This course focuses on the global food system, using data to understand the scale and extent of international food production and trade, global hunger and malnutrition, and domestic food insecurity and health disparities.  Food By the Numbers  combines food studies and data analysis to provide tools for food-related studies, research, and activism. Through the study of food trade and access, students will learn technical skills including data collection, introductory statistics, data visualization, and geographic mapping and analysis. Students will apply these skills to studying international and domestic food production and trade and inequality in food access.


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Course Type

Interdisciplinary Seminars (IDSEM-UG)