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Subversion & Perversion: Queer Critique

Semester and Year SP 2019
Course Number IDSEM-UG1879
Section 001
Instructor A.B. Huber
Days W
Time 3:30 PM - 6:10 PM
Units 4
Level U
Requirement   HUM



This seminar focuses on  queer critique , and we will rely on  critique  as an ethos or practice that questions and explores the given order of things, rather than functioning as a kind of criticism that intends to expose error. We will find instead that critique puts us, our bodies and our desires, very vividly at stake. Over the course of the semester we will study Foucault, Butler, Rivera, Nelson and others, in particular attending to their accounts of power in order that we might better comprehend how power can both produce and constrain us, differentiate and mobilize us. We will also read widely from the recent and politically urgent work of queer of color critique (Muñoz, Ferguson, Reddy, and Chen) in order to ask after other dissident and diverse ways of being, doing and thinking in common. While this course does not have formal prerequisites, some familiarity with queer theory or critical race theory is strongly advised. Our texts will include film, art, memoir, theory and manifesto; speculating where those genres begin, end, and overlap will be one of our tasks.


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Course Type

Interdisciplinary Seminars (IDSEM-UG)