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NYU Buenos Aires: Tango and Mass Culture

Gallatin Study Away Course
SASEM-UG 9150, 4 credits
Level: Undergraduate
Typically Offered: Fall (in English) and Spring (in Spanish)
Gallatin requirement: HUM, GLOBAL

Course is taught in Spanish during the spring semester. When taught in Spanish, prerequisite: Advanced Spanish language skills required. (NYU, SPAN-UA 100 or equivalent)

This course explores Tango as an aesthetic, social and cultural formation that is articulated in interesting and complex ways with the traditions of culture and politics in Argentina and Latin America more generally. During the rapid modernization of the 1920s and 1930s, Tango (like Brazilian Samba), which had been seen as a primitive and exotic dance, began to emerge as a kind of modern primitive art form that quickly came to occupy a central space in nationalist discourse. The course explores the way that perceptions of a primitive and a modern converge in this unique and exciting art. In addition, the course will consider tango as a global metaphor with deeply embedded connections to urban poverty, social marginalization, and masculine authority.

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