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NYU Buenos Aires: Creative Writing: Argentina, Travel Writing at the End of the World

Gallatin Study Away Course
WRTNG-UG 9150, 4 credits
Typically Offered: Fall and Spring
Level: Undergraduate

A practical course in the writing of creative literary texts: prose (short stories as well as literary non-fiction) and poetry. Selected published works will be analyzed in class both to provide inspiration for student writing as well as to represent literary structures and strategies. Writing assignments ranging from spontaneous to long-term projects will promote creative exploration and self-expression. Critical skills are emphasized and enhanced as students respond to each others’ work. Awareness of correct conventional use of the English language will be upheld. Students build up a body of work over the semester. For full credit and in demonstration of a writing “process,” the final portfolios should include both first drafts and subsequent revisions. At least one longer text (or set of poems) will be selected for submission as would be appropriate to publishers or literary contests.

For the most up-to-date course schedule details and for information about NYU Buenos Aires, visit the NYU Buenos Aires homepage.