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Global Faculty Symposium

The Gallatin Global Faculty Symposium is a yearly event that brings together faculty from Gallatin and NYU’s global academic centers to exchange ideas and to foster research and curricular collaborations. Each year, a Gallatin faculty convenor selects the symposium's annual theme. The faculty participants then exchange interdisciplinary readings exploring the theme and convene at an NYU global site for two days of discussion.

2024 Symposium

Theme: Memory, History, and Place
: NYU Prague

Faculty Convener: Ali Mirsepassi

2023 Symposium

Theme: Art and Politics in the City
: NYU Buenos Aires

Faculty Convener: Alejandro Velasco

2019 Symposium

Theme: The Postcolonial City at the Crossroads
Location: NYU Accra

Faculty Conveners: Rosalind Fredericks and Duncan Yoon

2018 Symposium

Theme: Cultural and Historical Consciousness at the End of Eras
Location: NYU Berlin

Faculty Convener: Karen Hornick

2017 Symposium

Theme: Symposium on Climate Change
Location: NYU Paris

Faculty Convener: Peder Anker

2016 Symposium

Theme: Human Migration and Nationalist Anxiety
Location: NYU Prague

Faculty Convener: George Shulman

2015 Symposium

Theme: The Material Archive: The Politics of Provenance, Preservation, and Place
Location: NYU Florence

Faculty Convener: Hallie Franks

2014 Symposium

Theme: Human Rights “Back to the Future”: Colonialism and Reparations
Location: NYU London

Faculty Convener: Vasuki Nesiah

2013 Symposium

Theme: Ethnicity, Migration, and Citizenship
Location: NYU Berlin

Faculty Convener: George Shulman

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