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2021 Gallatin Global Fellows

Allison Argueta

Photo of Allison Argueta

Fellowship Organization Location: USA (Los Angeles)
Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project

Allison is in her second year at Gallatin studying public policy, journalism, and migration. She colloquially refers to her concentration as “Rewriting Transnational Narratives: From Policy to Prose.” While learning about US immigration patterns and immigration policy, she discovered that criminal law provisions have permeated immigration law over the past two decades, in what is termed “crimmigration.” Growing up within a mixed-status family and immigrant community, Allison understands that this phenomenon ascribes the stigma of criminality to immigrants and has socioeconomic implications. This summer, Allison will work with Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project, an organization that serves undocumented immigrants, particularly those from Latin America. Allison will examine the court system’s treatment of immigrants, assist with legal representation of immigrants, and compile ethnographic data for research.


Graciela Blandon

Photo of Graciela Blandon

Fellowship Organization Location: Spain
Association for Human Rights of Andalusia

Graciela is a sophomore at Gallatin pursuing a concentration entitled "Cultural Development and Class Struggle." She has been organizing for human rights in her border community of El Paso, Texas, for the past four years and is excited to bring her experience to the Association for Human Rights of Andalusia (APDHA) in Cadiz, Spain. She will support the organization's work through content creation, translation, and research for APDHA's various campaigns and working groups. Graciela hopes that her time with the organization will elucidate concepts related to the Europeanisation of border populaces, the construction of political solidarity and identities, and the role NGOs play in local advocacy movements. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to globalize her studies and hone her skills as a community organizer through this fellowship.


Alicja Borzyszkowska

Photo of Alicja Borzyszkowska

Fellowship Organization Location: France
Human Rights Watch

Alicja is a third-year NYU Abu Dhabi student from Poland, majoring in social research and public policy with a concentration in child development and social intervention. Her studies, which involve field intervention, international projects, and research, focus on the effects that armed conflict and displacement have on children. For the past five years, Alicja has been involved in efforts to enhance context-based learning opportunities for youth in refugee camps and crisis-affected areas in the MENA region. She has designed trauma-informed, social-emotional learning programs for students; conducted youth empowerment art workshops in Turkey, Jordan, and the Horn of Africa; and evaluated measures to support the most effective humanitarian and development aid. As a Human Rights Fellow, Alicja will conduct research with Human Rights Watch’s France bureau, focusing on the securitization of border control along the English Channel and police abuse against unaccompanied migrant and refugee children in Calais.


Madeline Cohodes

Photo of Madeline Cohodes

Fellowship Organization Location: USA (New York)
Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture

Madeline is a BA/MPH dual-degree candidate at Gallatin, where she is a junior on the premed track, and at the College of Global Public health, where she is concentrating in public health policy. Her main interests are revitalizing healthcare systems through prevention, holistic medicine, and policy aimed at health equity. Having worked in various healthcare organizations and having taught English to refugees and immigrants, her concentration focuses on how social change movements are rooted in healthcare inequity and championed by health care workers. This summer, Madeline will continue her internship at the Bellevue Program for Survivors of Torture in New York, where she will conduct research to determine effective and efficient healthcare services that can be tailored to the program’s clients.


Lucas McKinnon

Photo of Lucas McKinnon

Fellowship Organization Location: USA (Hawai'i)
Pacific Gateway Center

Lucas is an MPH candidate at the College of Global Public Health, concentrating in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With an interdisciplinary background in agroecology and sustainable development, he is interested in the intersection of food sovereignty, preventative health, land rights, and indigenous rights. Since enrolling at NYU, he worked as an AmeriCorps member and policy research intern at Hawai'i Appleseed Center for Law and Economic Justice and as a food systems project coordinator for the County of Hawaii. This summer, Lucas will assist Pacific Gateway Center with designing and implementing projects that seek to promote food security for immigrant communities and trafficked peoples on Oahu. He will focus on capacity building through agroecology and food safety training, farm program development, market facilitation, and community organizing through partnerships with UH CTHAR, GoFarm Hawaii, and the Center for Sustainable Community Food Systems.


Diya Moushahwar

Photo of Diya Moushahwar

Fellowship Organization Location: Palestine
Mada al-Carmel

Diya is a GUIDE Scholar at Gallatin with a concentration entitled “Science, Medicine, and Empire” and a minor in disability studies. Diya has spent years involved in the Palestinian solidarity and border abolition movements and plans to continue that work as an intern and research assistant for Mada al-Carmel Arab Center for Applied Social Research. This organization amplifies Palestinian perspectives in Israeli civil and political discourse, and produces research to advance Palestinian human rights. Many of Mada’s recent reports have investigated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Palestinians and Palestinian refugees, addressing the social structures, policies, and lack of infrastructure that contribute to public health disasters. Throughout the fellowship, Diya will examine how both the larger historical relationship between Israel and Palestine as well as the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza shape the legal duty to critical public health measures, specifically disease and epidemic prevention and treatment.


A. O.

Fellowship Organization Location: France
Arab Reform Initiative

A. is a junior at NYU Abu Dhabi majoring in film and social research and public policy. Her research has focused on Egypt and the broader MENA region, examining national identity, collective memory, gender, education policy, and migrant rights. This summer, she will work with the Arab Reform Initiative, an independent think tank that coordinates with MENA researchers to advocate for social justice. A. will work on a number of projects, focusing in particular on freedom of thought in the face of repression and the role of social media.


Ian Partman

Photo of Ian Partman

Fellowship Organization Location: USA (New York)
Survived and Punished & Project NIA

Ian Partman is a first-year student in the Global Liberal Studies program studying politics, rights, and development. He intends to focus on the political economy of policing as well as racialized and gendered violence on a global scale. Ian is the founder of Ignite Collective, a group of young activists and artists across the East Coast who incorporate community service, mutual aid, and direct action to contest state violence. Ian is working on a forthcoming monograph exploring Black childhood in the age of #BlackLivesMatter. This summer, he will work with Survived and Punished, an organization that campaigns for the abolition of custodial sentences for victims of sexual violence and abuse, and will assist with research and program development. He will provide additional assistance to Project NIA, an advocacy organization working to develop restorative and transformative alternatives to the criminal justice system.


Mahima Sharda

Photo of Mahima Sharda

Fellowship Organization Location: USA (New York)
International Crisis Group

Mahima is an MPA student at NYU Wagner. Originally from Jaipur, India, she holds a master’s degree in financial economics from Singapore Management University. She has worked at Saxo Financial Markets and the United Nations Development Programme and more recently has interned with the UN’s Afghan Delegation, where she focused on conflict resolution and the weapons trade. Growing up in India, Mahima became acutely aware of the inequities that plague women. She is particularly passionate about alleviating the economic obstacles and sexual violence that women and girls face. Through this fellowship, Mahima will work with the International Crisis Group in hopes of gaining the skills necessary to spark positive change around these fundamental human rights concerns. When not working, she can often be found at one of the city’s independent bookstores, petting dogs, or baking up a storm.


Matthew Solomon

Photo of Matthew Solomon

Fellowship Organization Location: USA (New York)
OutRight Action International

Matthew Solomon is a master’s candidate at Gallatin, concentrating in Queer human rights discourse. They completed their bachelor's degree in politics and peace and justice studies at Saint Anselm, a Catholic college in Manchester, New Hampshire, where they began their career in Queer activism, working to advance the rights of LGBTIAQ+ students on campus. In addition, they studied the tactics best suited for advancing Queer rights in areas with a long history of oppression. Matthew’s academic interests involve constructivism in international relations, intercultural communication, international law, conflict resolution, revisionist histories, postcolonial studies, and global governance. Their study examines the global framing of the advancement of Queer human rights, specifically how Western nations frame the need to abolish anti-Queer laws that they themselves instituted in developing nations. This summer, Matthew will work with OutRight Action International in the communications department.


Tabara Sy

Photo of Tabara Sy

Fellowship Organization Location: Senegal

Tabara is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying social and cultural analysis with a focus on Africana studies, politics, and journalism. She is passionate about socioeconomic, political, and environmental development in West Africa with a focus on how countries from the region can become more self-sustainable and self-sufficient while recovering from colonialism’s atrocities and residual effects. As someone who was raised in Dakar, Senegal, Tabara seeks to explore the ways in which these countries can grow their respective industries without necessarily depending on Western or international support, which causes more damage in all aspects in the long run. Tabara plans to work with the NGO, Tostan, to study political leadership patterns in postcolonial Africa and examine how leadership is manipulated to maintain connections with the West. Her focus will be the impact on different communities and villages in Senegal.


Leo Zhu

Photo of Leo Zhu

Fellowship Organization Location: USA (New York)
Upstate/Downstate Housing Alliance

Leo is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in urban design and architecture and minoring in law and society and Chinese. He is passionate about urban planning and the impacts of urban planning and housing laws on vulnerable communities. With work experience in property management and an interest in politics and law, Leo seeks to contribute his voice and knowledge to the tenant movement and the fight against homelessness. This summer, he will work with the Upstate/Downstate Housing Alliance, a New York-based coalition of more than 70 organizations, in their campaign for stable and affordable housing, housing rights, and funding for public housing. Leo will help manage communications between the coalition groups and will also research New York housing laws and draft letters advocating for legislative action in response to the current housing crisis.